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Three Haydn Catalogues

Second Facsimile Edition With A Survey of Haydn's Oeuvre

Jens Peter Larsen
James Deaville

165 pp.

66 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0918728104

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Second facsimile edition edited by Jens Peter Larsen Since its initial publication in Copenhagen in 1941 Jens Peter Larsen's Drei Haydn Kataloge has remained an indispensable corner stone of Haydn research. It includes in facsimile; 1 The oft-cited Entwurf (Draft) Katalog prepared mainly by Haydn himself between 1765 and 1805 added entries primarily in the hand of Joseph Ellsler court copyist of Prince Esterhazy; 2)The Catalogo del Sinfonien Del Sig. Giuseppe H aydn (Katalog Kees) containing 94symphonies and compiled in 1790-1792; 2 Verzeichniss aller derjenigen Compositionen welche ich mich beyla�fig erinnere von meinem 18ten bis in dos 73te Jahr verfertiget zu haben. This Index of all those compositions which I remember writing from my 18thto my 73rd year known as the Haydn Verzeichniss was compiled in 1805 by Haydn and Johann Ellsler. It is the most complete such listing dating from Haydn's lifetime and contains for exam ple 118 symphonies 125 baryton trios 20 divertimenti 21 string trios 14masses 83 string quartets etc. (some works not authentic).


Jens Peter Larsen:

James Deaville:

A Musicologist specializing in music, composers and musical practices and institutions of the 19th and 20th centuries, having published and spoken about such diverse topics as Franz Liszt, music criticism, television news music, African-American entertainers in turn-of-the-century Vienna and fascist Nordic composers during the Third Reich. In 2008, his article Publishing Paraphrases and Creating Collectors: Friedrich Hofmeister, Franz Liszt, and the Technology of Popularity from Liszt and His World (Princeton University Press) received the Richard S. Hill award of the Music Library Association for the best article published in 2006. He has edited or co-edited books about Wagner (Pendragon), Liszt (Pendragon), Peter Cornelius (Schott) and Music and Broadcasting (under review), and guest edited special issues of the 19th Century Music Review and Canadian University Music Review. He has contributed to books published by Oxford, Cambridge, Routledge, Princeton, Yale, Ashgate and Rochester (among others), and has published in the Journal of the American Musicological Society, Journal of the Society for American Music, 19th Century Music Review, Echo, Current Musicology, Hamburger Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft, and Canadian University Music Review (among others). As an Advisory Board member for the Grove Dictionary of American Music, he was responsible for Canadian music and musicians and musical concepts, terms and scholarly approaches.