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Jean-François Lesueur (1760-1837)

Catalogue Thématique de l'Oeuvre Complète

Jean Mongrédien

492 pp.

1 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0918728128

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For this catalogue the author has researched the libraries and private collections of the world to gather together information concerning every known manuscript of J.-F. LeSueur. This composer played a vital role in the music history of France for a full half-century (1780-1830). Already well-known before the Revolution as the Mâitre de Chapelle of Notre Dame de Paris he became even more famous as composer for the Théâtre Feydeau and the Opéra as the official composer for Emperor Napoleon the First and not the least as the teacher of Berlioz. For the first time Prof. Mongrédien offers a complete description of the LeSueur manuscripts in the repertoire of the Royal—later the Imperial—Court of the Tuileries from 1802 until 1830.


Jean Mongrédien: