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Schoenberg Remembered

Diaries and Recollections

Dika Newlin

379 pp.

15 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0918228142

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In September 1938 a fourteen-year-old girl traveled to Los Angeles to study with Arnold Schoenberg. In the years that followed she kept a diary recording with enthusiasm and fidelity the details of her almost daily contact with him. What emerges is a hitherto-unknown side of the great man's complex character-his bizarre sense of humor his impatience with mediocrity his love for his family his sensitivity to criticism. Today Dika Newlin is well-known as the author of Bruckner-Mahler- Schoenberg translator of Schoenberg's Style and Idea and composer in contemporary media. In sharing her Schoenberg Remembered with the public she is making available to the Schoenberg scholar a mine of information on the man his idea s and his teaching. For the general reader the diaries vividly portray his colorful and controversial personality while telling the moving story of the warm human relationship with his young disciple which lasted until his death.


Dika Newlin: