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Dance and Music of Court and Theater

Selected Writings of Wendy Hilton

Wendy Hilton

470 pp.

28 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0945193982

hardback $84.00

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This collection of selected writings of Ms. Hilton includes a complete facsimile of her 1981 book Dance of Court & Theater (no longer available) as well as two significant articles and a notated triple-meter danse à deux by LouisPécour.

Book One (the facsimile) provides in-depth analysis of primary sources on dance of the baroque period.The main body of the text is devoted to mastery of the Beauchamp-Feuillet notation system which includes the relationships of steps to music in such dance types as the menuet gavotte bourrée sarabande passacaille loure gigue and entrée grave. Instruction is also given on style bows and courtesies the use of the hat and the ballroom menuet ordinaire as given by Pierre Rameau.

Book Two adds theslow Seventeenth-Century French Courante; A survey of the 56 dances extant to music by J.B. Lully with their airs and some of the more virtuosic theatrical step-units in notation; Louis Pécour's ballroom dance Aimable Vainqueur (1701 in six pages of dance notation with a five-part score of André Campra's music from Hesione (1700)and an updated bibliography.


Wendy Hilton: