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Esquisse de l'histoire de l'harmonie

An English-Language Translation of the Fran�ois-Joseph F�tis History of Harmony

Mary I. Arlin

247 pp.

2 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0945193517

Hardback clearance price $21.00

Out-of-Print. This book is no longer available from Pendragon Press.


F�tis' Esquisse, a chronicle of the theoretical tenets of harmony from Franco of Cologne (1230-50) to 1840, is the first known history of harmonic theory. This work predates Hugo Riemann's impressive Geschichte der Musiktheorie im IX.-XIX. Jahrhundert by more than fifty years, yet little is known about F�tis' Esquisse and few copies are extant. As one of the most lucid musicologists of this time and one of the first to consider the past with an artistic interest, F�tis knew and understood the historical aspects of the art. As a composer and teacher of composition, he appreciated the need for a systematic presentation of musical materials. As a theorist, he had examined and studied the writings of theorists throughout the ages.


Mary I. Arlin:


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