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Playing the Organ Works of César Franck (Paperback)

Rollin Smith

321 pp.

50 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1576471777

paperback $56.00

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A companion to the author's Toward and Authentic Interpretation of the Organ Works of César Franck this title applies the sources discussed in that volume in its practical approach to performance. Each of Franck's twelve major organ works is discussed in detail: the manuscript the work's history and association with Franck and his circle published editions corrections to the 1959 Durand edition and recorded performances. Technical problems are discussed and solutions provided. A glossary of terms found in Franck's organ works is provided with English translation; Franck's often confusing registration indications are translated and explained; performance of each work is discussed in light of the information provided by Franck's own pupils their students and contemporaries. A bibliography of Franck literature published from 1983 to 1996 is also included.


Rollin Smith: