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Dear Max/Lieber Malcolm

The Rudolf/Frager Correspondence

William Rudolf

258 pp.

9 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1576471845

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Quoted here is one of over 300 letters in the correspondence between Malcolm Frager and Max Rudolf covering the period from April 1982 to September 1991. This collection reveals the range of musical discourse between two functioning geniuses whose whole lives were devoted to music and musicianship. Of special interest are the comments on the performance of Beethoven�s work interpretation dynamics and especially tempi.


William Rudolf:


December 3, 2011

The friendship between conductor Max Rudolf (1902-1995) and pianist Malcolm Frager (1935-1991), both internationally respected musicians with active careers, began with an exchange about Beethoven. Their ensuing correspondence, covering the period from September 1982 until Frager's death in June 1991, documents their musical insights and interchange of ideas on interpretation, particularly of great works that they both revered. Over three hundred letters are presented here in chronological order, with numerous detailed annotations by Paul Ellison that explain the names, events, and other references in their correspondence. Beethoven's music--particularly the debate over the metronome markings for the symphonies--was at the forefront of their common interests. Also frequently discussed are dynamic markings and consulted primary sources, including autograph manuscripts and first editions as well as more recent performing editions to support their arguments. Unfortunately, the book lacks an index, which makes it difficult for readers to discover all of the Beethoven references or the many other composers, works, musicians, and concerts mentioned in their correspondence.

The Beethoven Journal, Winter 2011 (Volume 26 Number 21)

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