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The Music of Animaniacs

Postmodern Nostalgia in a Cartoon World

Lisa Scoggin
May 30, 2016

170 pp.

25 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-57647-242-2

6 $45.00

Out-of-Print. This book is no longer available from Pendragon Press.


The 1990s television show Animaniacs, with its sharp wit, double entendres, and zany humor reminiscent of the Golden Age Warner Brothers cartoons, was a hit with adults and children alike. The music used in Animaniacs played a vital role in its popularity and still does, as is evident from the number of hits on YouTube for songs like "Yakko's World" and "Wakko's America." In The Music of Animaniacs: Postmodern Nostalgia in a Cartoon World, the first ever book-length study on the subject, Lisa Scoggin examines how the music functions in Animaniacs, from its basis in the sounds of Carl Stalling to its role in parody to its use in the educational segments. Through this, the author touches upon musical theatre, country music and nostalgia, Woodstock, censorship, classical music reception, limited animation, and characterization through music, as well as many other topics. Written with both the music scholar and layperson in mind, this book will appeal not only to those who enjoy the show, but also to those who are interested in parody, nostalgia, the study of pop culture, and music in animation in general.


Lisa Scoggin: Lisa Scoggin completed her Ph.D. in Musicology at Boston University and received degrees from Oberlin College and the University of Wisconsin � Madison. She has presented papers internationally, most notably at the American Musicological Society conference, the Society for American Music conference, the Music and the Moving Image conference, the Society for Animation Studies conference, and the North American British Music Studies Association conference. Her musicological interests include music in film, television, and animation; twentieth-century American music; and twentieth-century British music. She has taught at Boston University, St. Anselm College, and Tufts University, where she taught a course on music in American animated film. She also enjoys photography as well as spending time with her husband Leonard and their dog Buster.


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", , ,, Lisa Scoggin (*The Music of Animaniacs*) and Chris Pallant and Steven Price (*Storyboarding*) take a necessary behind-the-scenes look at two understudied yet foundational aspects of animation how music contributes enhanced layers of meaning to animated texts; and how the process of storyboarding became embedded into the production planning phases of filmmaking. Both texts offer significant contributions to understanding the relationships between production practice and design."