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Fernando Sor

A Bibliography of Published Literature and Music

Mijndert Jape
May 7, 2014

135 pp.

2 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1576472187

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Out-of-Print. This book is no longer available from Pendragon Press.


"Fernando Sor - A Bibliography of Published Literature and Music" brings together for the first time detailed descriptions of all known published references to the Catalan classical composer and guitarist Fernando Sor. Born in Barcelona in 1778, Sor was descended from a long line of career soldiers. He continued the family tradition, and until 1813, when he was obliged to leave Spain, he combined a military career with composing and performing music. Best known for his guitar compositions, he also composed music for a wide range of genres, including opera, orchestra, string quartet, piano, voice, and ballet. Sor�s contemporaries considered him to be "the most perfect guitarist in the world" (1822). His works, particularly those for guitar, continue to be played and reprinted since his death in 1839. In this bibliography, the result of many years of musicological research, author Mijndert Jape presents entries from 532 authors, 105 periodicals and 154 publishers. The book is a practical guide, which enables the reader to find his way through the published literature chronologically or with the aid of six indices. The descriptions conform to the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Monographic Publications and [id.] for Printed Music (ISBD-M and ISBD-PM).


Mijndert Jape:

Mijndert Jape, originally from the Maastricht region of the Netherlands, now lives in France. He studied the guitar with Hans-Lutz Niessen (pupil of Bruno Henze, Berlin) at the Municipal Conservatory of Maastricht (NL) as well as with the duo Ida Presti - Alexandre Lagoya at the Schola Cantorum, �cole sup�rieure de Musique, Paris (F) (Dipl�me sup�rieur, "mention tr�s bien � l'unanimit� avec f�licitation du jury"). During his studies in Paris he was awarded the "Premier Prix du Concours International de Radio France" (again "� l'unanimit� du jury"). He went on to study the lute with Toyohiko Satoh at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag (The Hague - NL) and developed an interest in musicology. He now devotes his time to the lute and to the musicology of both lute and guitar. Mijndert Jape wrote several articles (selection) : - The origin of the Dutch national anthem "Wilhelmus" ;The authentic voice-guitar version of the Christmas carol "Stille Nacht" (Silent Night) ; Music and poetry 1600-1650 in the Netherlands ; The authentic music in the Plays of Shakespeare ; Joachim van den Hove, in "The New Grove Dictionary (...)", vol. viii, ed. 1980. He published (selection) : Louys de Moy : Le Petit Boucquet, 1631, facsimile edition with a musicological introduction ; Classical Guitar Music In Print, Bibliography (see below for commentary) ; Fernando Sor : Opera Omnia for the Spanish Guitar, vols. v, viii, ix. Mijndert Jape was a jury member at the European Music Festival for Young People, Neerpelt (B), from 2001- 2012. He has been teaching at the Music Academies of Maasmechelen and Tongeren (B) and in his native region at the Sittard Music School (NL) where he hold also the function of Music Director. The musicological activities of Mijndert Jape have been appreciated in the international world of the guitar and lute (selection) : "Classical Guitar Music In Print is the best source to consult when seeking guitar music today", John Tanno, in : Guitar Review ; �(...) the enormous amount of new research (...) undertaken by Thomas Heck, Mijndert Jape�, Peter Danner (...), in : Soundboard (editorial note) ; "Es la famoso catalogaci�n de musica impresa", in : Musica y Edici�n, Madrid (on Classical Guitar Music In Print) ; "(�) haben sich einen Namen gemacht : (�) Jape, Mijndert, Jeffery, Brian (�)" (translation : who became well reputed [specialising on Sor], Konrad Ragossnig, in : Handbuch der Laute und Gitarre.


November 8, 2016

Jape, Mijndert. Fernando Sor: A Bibliography of Published Literature and Music. Hillsdale, N.Y., Pendragon Press, 2014. 117p. illus. index. $38.00pa. ISBN 13: 978-1-57647-218-7. It is impossible to be an aficionado of classical guitar music without thinking of Fernando Sor. Active during the early nineteenth century, the Spaniard composed music for many genres and instruments, although it is his guitar work, perhaps, for which he is best remembered. Classical music scholars will certainly appreciate this extensively researched bibliography bringing together material from many sources over many decades and encapsulating the global scholarship on Fernando Sor. About half of the book is devoted to the meticulous bibliographical data, listing publications spanning nearly two centuries. Presented chronologically, publications include, but are not limited to, advertisements, catalogs, periodicals, encyclopedia entries, musical compositions, and critical reviews. While this section of the book is the crux of this work, supplemental information is generous if not necessary due to the complex nature of the entries. Opening pages include a usage guide, an extensive list of abbreviations used throughout the work, and a glossary of specialized symbols and terms. Following the bibliography itself, the appendix of consulted and untraceable literature gives further insight into some of the more mysterious or incomplete sources of Sor research. A number of indexes complement the greater bibliography and list material by subject names, titles, periodical titles, and more. The highly particular focus of this material makes for a valuable resource for classical music or classical guitar scholars.�ARBA Staff Reviewer

ARBA Staff Reviewer

April 29, 2016

In order to put a little order into all that has been written about Fernando Sor and all the recent publications about his compositions, Dutch guitarist and lutenist Mijndert Jape has put together an extremely detailed bibliography, which seems to be thoroughly comprehensive. Jape scanned the literature about Sor for many years and there are descriptions here of publications from no fewer than 532 authors, 105 periodicals and 154 publishing houses. The bibliography is the eighth in the series "Annotated Reference Tools in Music" from Pendragon Press and is constructed in a chronological and systematic manner, although at first glance, it may seem a little confusing. One is strongly advised to follow the directions given by Mijndert Jape in his lengthy introduction at the beginning of the book, in the Introduction and Guide to Use, which, together with the Abbreviations and Glossary, take up 42 pages of the 159 pages in total - or more than 25% of the book! Maybe all these abbreviations are required in order to sift through the volume of material. I do not feel completely at ease with the structure of the book even if it follows an international standard. Fortunately there are 6 indexes for easy reading. The real bibliography, which consists of 58 pages, is divided into two main parts: Music: Facsimiles / Publications, works composed by Sor and Literature: Bibliographic items, Source Material, Biographies / Studies, etc. There is a separate index of untraceable literature, i.e. periodicals, articles and books that Jape knows of, but was unable to consult in assembling his bibliography. This index is an interesting read in its own right, referring as it does to the 1980 yearbook "Cadenza", published by the Swedish Guitar Association Apoyando ("Svenska Gitarrs�llskapet Apoyando"). The author of the bibliography, Mijndert Jape, has previously published works for guitar by Fernando Sor in a review entitled "Opera Omnia for the Spanish Guitar" (1982-1985) and an extensive bibliography, "Classical Guitar Music in Print "(1989). Kenneth Sparr in � Gitarr och Luta �, Svenska Gitarr- och Lutas�llskapet, Stockholm - translation Christina Jacobsson, Michael Griffin.

Kenneth Sparr
Gitarr och Luta �, Svenska Gitarr- och Lutas�llskapet

April 29, 2016

During the now distant 80s of the last century, in the course of our university studies, the late and very erudite Francesco Degrada - who was not only an esteemed professor (and highly feared by his students), but also a music historian and an internationally renowned musicologist - organized for us, his students in the history of Music, a seminar entitled The Instruments of Musicological Research. During his lessons we talked about music literature and the variety of manuals, treatises, encyclopaedic dictionaries, histories of music, biographies, encyclopaedias and every kind of historic, critical and musicological publication, in order to analyse their characteristics and objectives, their qualities and defects. Another - totally different - topic concerned the original musical sources in the strict sense of the term (manuscripts, signed or not, and printed works, authenticated variously by description, classification, inclusion in a collection etc.), a topic which occupied a whole section of the seminar. Inevitably, mention was made, if only fleetingly, of the field of historiography, that is to say, of writers of a posteriori history (in this case, the history of music) or of musical events. In short, we learned that musical literature can be divided primarily into two main fields: books about music (manuals, biographies, encyclopaedias etc.), and (forgive us the expression), books that talk about books that talk about music. That is to say, bibliographies and bibliographic catalogues. Firmly into this latter category - and a very useful addition to it - falls Fernando Sor. A Bibliography of Published Literature and Music, published by the Dutch guitarist and musicologist Mijndert Jape in 2014, via Pendragon Press, Hillsdale, NY. Jape's book deals with two topics which we discussed in that seminar thirty years ago, that is to say the real music sources, with a list of Sor's published works since the nineteenth century until today (original editions, facsimile editions, modern editions etc.) and the musical literature about Sor, everything that has been written about him and his work. After the preface, acknowledgments, introduction, instructions, list of abbreviations and glossary, the volume is divided into four main sections: the general bibliography (music and music literature); literature actually consulted (monographs, articles and other writings); an appendix with known but not consulted musical literature; and finally various indexes. The book is really detailed regarding studies on Fernando Sor (we're talking here about a list of titles and references of one hundred and seventeen pages) and despite a somewhat complicated organisation in which the distinction between sections, subsections and simple items is not always clear, this work nevertheless deserves its place in the libraries of scholars and performers as well as in those of professionals or simple enthusiasts. Marco Riboni in � il Fronimo �, rivista di chitarra, Milan - translation Pierre D�molis, Michael Griffin.

Marco Riboni
il Fronimo �, rivista di chitarra

June 1, 2014

Fernando Sor

Mijndert Jape

Pendragon Press

PO Box 190, Hillsdale, NY 12529

Josep Ferran Sorts i Muntades (baptized 14 February 1778 - died 10 July 1839) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. While he is best known for his guitar compositions, he also composed music for a wide range of genres, including opera, orchestra, string quartet, piano, voice, and ballet. His ballet score Cendrillon (Cinderella) received over one hundred performances. Sor's works for guitar range from pieces for beginning players to advanced players such as Variations on a Theme of Mozart . Sor's contemporaries considered him to be the best guitarist in the world, and his works for guitar have been widely played and reprinted since his death. The eighth volume in the Pendragon Press Annotated Reference Tools in Music series, Fernando Sor: A Bibliography of Published Literature and Music is a 135 page compendium comprised of a chronologically organized and presented bibliography. Included are entries on and about Fernando Sor are included from 532 authors, 105 periodicals, and 154 publishers. Six indexes ably provide access to the information organized in. the pages of Fernando Sor: A Bibliography of Published Literature and Music , making it a critically important addition to academic library Musicology reference collections in general, and students of Fernando Sor life and accomplishments in particular.

James A. Cox, Editor-In-Chief
“Midwest Book Review”
Library Bookwatch

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