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Instrumental Odyssey

A Tribute to Herbert Heyde

Laurence Libin, Editor
May 5, 2016

318 pp.

47 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-57647-252-1

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Out-of-Print. This book is no longer available from Pendragon Press.


Instrumental Odyssey: A Tribute to Herbert Heyde offers essays by seventeen prominent scholars of musical instruments in celebration of the 75th birthday of an esteemed colleague. A leading historian of Western instruments with a long, distinguished museum career, Herbert Heyde continues to inspire others with his breadth of interests, his imaginative approach to fundamental issues of musical instrument design, manufacture, and authentication, and his advancement of the highest ethical and critical standards.

These well-illustrated essays range from biblical antiquity to the 21st century and address subjects appealing to collectors and curators, musicologists and musicians, and everyone desiring to grasp more fully the construction, characteristics, and functions of musical instruments. Emphasizing brass and woodwind topics which lie at the center of Herbert Heyde�s work, Instrumental Odyssey also covers string and keyboard instruments, classification and commerce, performance practices and iconography, and the motives of makers and collectors.

Detailed studies of important instruments in major collections add fresh information and interpretations, while new analyses of documentary sources enhance our understanding of how various instrument types were used historically. The influences of the Early Music movement and of politics and economics are also explored by experts who illuminate modern approaches to organology pioneered by Herbert Heyde


Page 50: The last line in the box should be below the box. That paragraph begins �Manuscript books of psalm settings also survive from the communities of Lenk, Huttwil, and Thunstetten (see Table1). The volumes from Lenk and Thunstetten in particular reflect the close connection between churches, schools, and brass instruments in Bern canton.�

Page 172: Footnote 54 should read �Giegling, ��bersicht �ber die bis 1978 nachgebauten Bassettklarinetten,� p.d/16.�

Page 228: Footnote 33 should read �The wrestplanks were sold along with the �Cusseneers� jack rail as a separate lot when the instrument was auctioned in 1976. Purchased by Thomas and Barbara Wolf, these parts were reunited with the instrument in Williamsburg decades later.�

Page 276: Footnote 22 should read �New York Daily Star, 22 December 1919, p. 1.�


Laurence Libin, Editor: Laurence Libin is editor-in-chief of the Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, past president of the Organ Historical Society, and honorary curator of Steinway & Sons. For 33 years he was curator of musical instruments at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The American Musical Instrument Society honored him with the Curt Sachs Award for lifetime achievement in 2009. Other honors include the Anthony Baines Prize of the Galpin Society, a Cultural Fellowship from the Likhachev Foundation, and Columbia University�s Armstrong Award for his nationally syndicated radio series, �Instrumental Odyssey.� Libin publishes and lectures widely and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1978.�