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Schubert's Reputation from His Time to Ours

Geoffrey Block
January 20, 2017

425 pp.

16 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-57647-276-7


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The composer Franz Schubert (1797�1828) was not bereft of early advocates, from Schumann, Liszt, and Mahler to Sir George Grove. Brahms famously heralded Schubert as �the true successor to Beethoven.� Nevertheless, it was not until the end of the twentieth century that Schubert�s major instrumental works finally and fully emerged from Beethoven�s shadow. Critics and scholars began to reinterpret Schubert�s departures from Beethoven�s formal and stylistic characteristics, and to see these departures not as flaws but as strengths and hallmarks of a new paradigm. Schubert�s alternate constructions of �masculine subjectivities,� first described by Schumann in 1838, parallel a developing appreciation for lyricism, melody, and song�traits historically regarded as feminine. Consequently, Schubert�s approach is increasingly viewed as innovative and divergent rather than defective and deviant. Schubert�s Reputation from His Time to Ours tells the story of how and why this has happened.


Geoffrey Block :