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We Will Control All That You Hear

The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination

Reba Wissner
September 15, 2016

240 pp.

32 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1-57647-253-8

6 $39.95

Out-of-Print. This book is no longer available from Pendragon Press.


From 1963-1965, The Outer Limits, an anthology television show co-created by Joseph Stefano and Leslie Stevens, was broadcast on ABC. Through the use of unconventional and newly invented instruments and household objects to produce unique sounds, the show not only looked different from most television of the time, but it sounded different as well. We Will Control All That You Will Hear: The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination, discusses the use of music within the series, offering multiple readings of the ways that music is used. This book focuses not only on the ways that newly composed scores and stock music were utilized in the series, but also how the music enhances and interacts with what we see and hear onscreen.


Reba Wissner:

Currently a lecturer in music at Berkeley College where she has taught since 2013. She received her M.F.A. and Ph.D. in musicology from Brandeis University and her B.A. in Music and Italian from Hunter College of the City University of New York. She has also taught in the Writing and Music Departments at Brandeis University from 2006-2012. Dr. Wissner's research interests are seventeenth-century Venetian opera, Music and Politics, Music and Immigration, Popular music, and the role of music in 1960s science fiction television. She is the author of several articles on seventeenth-century Venetian opera, Italian immigrant theater in New York City, and music in the original television series, The Twilight Zone. She has also presented her research on these areas at conferences throughout the United States and Europe. She is a recipient of numerous awards and grants including a dissertation research grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. She currently serves on the editiorial board of and as the music editor for the peer-reviewed journal, Coreopsis: A Journal of Myth and Theatre and is also the series editor for Pendragon Press' Music and Media book series.


November 14, 2016

Wissner investigates the ways in which diegetic and non-diegetic music encourages the television viewer's escape from reality and the importance placed on the viewer's aural imagination. This study is conducted through a focus on the use of music in , a cult science fiction anthology television series from the 1960s. presents a variety of perspectives of the use of music in the show in order to help readers develop an understanding of the many ways that music can be employed in anthology television and interact with what is going on visually.

Eithne O'Leyne