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Alban Berg's Wozzeck

A Translation and Phonectic Transcript for Musicians

Jacquelyn Drye, Editor
December 13, 2019

77 pp.

2 illustrations

ISBN: 978157647321-4

pb 7x10 $49.95

Out-of-Print. This book is no longer available from Pendragon Press.


This text is a complete phonetic transcription and detailed translation from German into English of the libretto of Alban Berg’s Wozzeck. Knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet will be essential for any performer or scholar who utilizes this resource. While a musicologist, instrumentalist, conductor, coach, or theorist may gain insight from this resource, it was prepared with the unique and specific needs of a singer as the guiding principle of all efforts and research. A singer’s translation and phonetic transcription of Wozzeck does not, as yet, exist in any format whatsoever, but this resource would enable any non-German-speaking singer the opportunity to assimilate this work in a fashion that is simply not possible now with the current available literature. While there is a great deal of musicological and musico-theoretical literature about Wozzeck available, there was – until now – neither a useful, practical translation of the opera’s libretto nor a phonetic transcription of any kind of the opera’s libretto. My resource meets both of these needs in one text.


Jacquelyn Drye, Editor: