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The Extraordinary Dance Book T. B. 1826

An Anonymous Manuscript in Facsimile with Commentaries and Analyses

Sandra Noll Hammond

152 pp.

1 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0945193326

hardback $70.00

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""This facsimile edition of a hitherto unpublished manuscript reveals a beautiful workbook of impeccable penmanship by an early nineteenth-century dancing master. The title page reads Dance Book T B. 1826.Included among the more than thirty ballroom and theater dances are examples of the shauntreuse allemande hornpipe quadrille and waltz. There are also rare dances with descriptive titles such as Pas Seul Pas Deux Pas Trois d'Eggville Russian Dance Vestris Gavotte and Cossack Dance.

The importance of the manuscript to both musicians and dancers cannot be overestimated . It includes the earliest known full-length choreographed waltz for two that through its intricate arm positions shows the influence of the eighteenth-century contredanse allemande. Photographed in New Zealand by John Casey.



Sandra Noll Hammond: