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MUSICAL TERMINOLOGY: A Practical Compendium In Four Languages

David Boccagna

243 pp.

0 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1576470152

Paperback 5x7 $15.00

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Do you need to know the Italian musical term for dying away? This new conspectus lists Estinguendo, Deficiendo, Diluendo, Mancando, Morendo, Perdendosi, Smorzando, Sperdendosi, and Spirante. This collection of terms most frequently found in music, with counterparts in four languages, derived its definitions and equivalents using The Harvard Dictionary of Music, Baker's Dictionary of Musical Terms, Elson's Dictionary of Musical Terms, The Oxford Companion to Music, and Grove's Dictonary of Music and Musicians. The languages dictionaries used for verification were Cassel's, Garzanti, Langenscheidt, and Palazzi. The terms were selected as being not only the most important to today's musicians, but those that appear most frequently and are most commonly used. The format consists of four columns with the term in its original language followed by the three other equivalents.


David Boccagna: Ph.D.

International performing musician, lecturer and author.

Performed throughout the USA and the Middle East.

Lectured on Pitch Discrimination: How to Play in Tune; Discerning Pitch, Timbre and Nuances in Just Intonation.

Author: Musical Terminology (Pendragon Press) Pitch Discrimination (IESC Press) II, V7, I: 120 Jazz Etudes in all 12 ,p.,p. Keys (IESC Press) Practical Approach to Music Theory (Kendall Hunt Press)



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