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The Pendragon Review (Set of 2 issues)

A Semiannual Journal in Musical Romanticism


132 pp.

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ISBN: 1530322500000

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Devoted to musical romanticism in all its guisesTHE PENDRAGON REVIEW presents articles of general interest specialized scholarly studies translations and essays as well as reviews of books monographs performances and recordings. The editorial board consists of Karen Ahlquist Ben Arnold Michael Beckerman Claire Brook Rossana Dalmonte James Deaville Mark DeVoto Kl�ra HamburgerJanet L. Johnson Jeffrey Kallberg Leon Plantinga Andrew PorterJim Samson Charles Suttoni Cornelia Szab�-Knotik Rollin Smithand Alan Walker. Peter Bloom serves as Consulting Editor Michael Saffle as Editor.

Volume I No. 1 Spring 2001
Editorials by Peter Bloom and Michael Saffle
Individual and Social Tragedy-Wagner's�Ring' as Classical Drama� by Ernest F. Livingstone
Liszt's Third Concerto-Manuscript and Source Studies by Jay Rosenblatt

A review of Raymond Knapp's Brahms and the Challenge of the Symphony
An Essay by Scrivens on The Juicey and the Dry-Romantic Music and How We Treat It

Volume I No. 2 Fall 2001
History Memory and the Oboe Concerto by Richard Strauss by Peter Bloom
Debussy's Neglected Fantaisie by Mark DeVoto
The 'Noble Pathways of the National'-- Romantic and Modern Reactions to National Music by Jonathan Bellman

Volume 2 No. 1 Fall 2003
Editorial by Michael Saffle
Nineteenth-century Topical Analysis--A Lexicon of Romantic Topoi by Janice Dickensheets
German Romantic or Jewish Revoutionary? Gustav Mahler and the Nazi Blacklist by Susan Filler
Brahms Civilzes the Gypsy--The Zigeunerlieder and their Sources by Valerie Errante

Vol. 2 No. 2 has not been published and the journal has been discontinued with Volume 2 No. 1.