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The Timpani Supplement

More Pictures and Documents

Edmund A. Bowles

154 pp.

202 illustrations

ISBN: 978-1576471340

paperback $49.95

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"This addendum to The Timpani: A History in Pictures and Documents (PP 487) contains 100 new drawings paintings and photographs and many new documents to fill out a unique iconographical and documentary history of the timpani. The two volumes combine a wealth of pictorial material with extensive written sources and offer a rich and comprehensive survey of the instrument�s history from the middle ages to the present. And in so doing they fill a gap of long standing in the published literature of kettledrums by providing for the first time a combination of visual and descriptive evidence.

Please use order no. PP 635 to order The Timpani: A History in Pictures and Documents (PP 487) and this Supplement as a set.


Edmund A. Bowles:

An acknowledged expert in the history and performance of the timpani, about which he has written and lectured extensively. He studied timpani with Lawrence White of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Hermann Ommen of the Hessian State Orchestra in Wiesbaden while serving in the Army in Germany towards the end of WWII, and attended the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood. In addition, he has been an occasional performer of baroque timpani and participated in early music ensemble recordings of Handel's Messiah.

Dr. Bowles has published widely in the areas of musical iconography, late medieval musical instruments and performance practices, musical ensembles in court festivals of state, and the impact of technology on musical instrument-building. In addition to this present series, his books include Musikleben im 15. Jahrhundert (Leipzig, 1977), Musical Performance in the Late Middle Ages (Geneva, 1983), and Musical Ensembles in Festival Books, 1500-1800: An Iconographical and Documentary Survey (Ann Arbor, 1989. In addition to dozens of articles in scholarly journals, he has contributed to the Dictionary of the Middle Ages, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the New Harvard Dictionary of Music, and the several New Grove dictionaries.

Dr. Bowles is a member of the American Musical Instrument Society and served on its board of directors. He received the Society's Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize for promoting the history, design and use of musical instruments, and was a recipient of its Curt Sachs Award in recognition of his distinguished contribution to the study of musical iconography, performance practices, the history of the timpani, and the use of technology in the service of the arts and humanities.