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Interplay: Music in Interdisciplinary Dialogue

Series Editor: Siglind Bruhn
Interplay features monographs and essay collections investigating how music, as a mode of human expression, engages in interdisciplinary dialogue with the other arts as well as with philosophical and religious thought. Insofar as music can be called a "language," the question we wish to see addressed is how music influences, or is suffused with, the other central ways in which humans articulate their thoughts and experiences, their aesthetic needs, and their quest toward transcendence.
Siglind Bruhn, born in Hamburg, Germany and with a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna, Austria, is a musicologist, concert pianist, and interdisciplinary scholar. A full-time researcher, she has been affiliated with the University of Michigan�s Institute for the Humanities since 1993 while also collaborating with research units in Strasbourg, Copenhagen, and Helsinki. She is the author of more than twenty book-length monographs, primarily in the field of 20th-century music and its relationship to literature, art, and religion. Her most recent publications in English include a book trilogy on Olivier Messiaen�s musico-symbolic language and a study of Swiss composer Frank Martin�s musical reflection on Death. In 2001 she was elected to the European Academy of Arts and Sciences; in 2008 she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Linnaeus University, Sweden.