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Monographs in Musicology

Series Editor: Robert J. Kessler
The projects which Pendragon Press accepts for publication come in many flavors, bibliographies, studies, biographies, treatises, etc. The majority of them fit neatly into categories expressed as Pendragon Series, 26 of them. In the case of the Monographs In Musicology Series the description designates two characteristics; first, they don�t fit into one of the existing series, and second, they are not voluminous works. The range of topics is large and the quality is on an extremely high level. We hope that some wonderful experiments have been and will be exhibited in this series.
Bob Kessler, Managing Editor of Pendragon Press, has been with the company since its creation in 1977. Previously he had been a songwriter, working for Frank Loesser as a contract writer, having Off-Broadway shows, movie lyrics, TV series, and many recording to his credit. With Claire Brook he founded Pendragon in an effort to make available to the musicological world those book projects which, though worthy, would not otherwise be published. Apparently, this filled a needed lacuna as Pendragon�s backlist is now approaching 400 titles. Bob lives in Hillsdale, New York, with his wife, Janet Lincoln, close by the offices of Pendragon, and looks forward to many years of fruitful labor in the vineyards of scholarship.